Original Music Composition

Sound Design

There is nothing that can replace having a composer create music TO YOUR FILM.  We specialize in original film music.  We also are growing our library of short instrumental pieces that we make available for sync license.  Feel free to inquire about licensing any of our Score Tracks or to qet a quote for a custom film composition.


Not only are our composers great musicians, they also understand the palette of sounds needed for today's modern film and media.  Use of cutting edge sound design platforms such as Heavyocity and EastWest

and a vast knowledge of past practices will ensure a great result on this critical element of filmmaking.

Dialogue Mixing

A bad equalization of dialogue can severely hurt a film.  We can help mix your dialogue to ensure not only that every word in your film is heard, but every emotion felt.



We can help oversee the choice and style of the underscore, coordinate with composers and editors, arrange for sync licenses and all other music supervisory roles.

Contact us at bentrexel@gmail.com

to discuss custom film music composition, music supervision or sound design for your next film or media project.

Our Film/Media Score Tracks are also

available for licensing for your project.

Just let us know if you want to use one and we can work out a mutually beneficial deal. 


A majority of our tracks have the tempo indicated in the file name so that they can be further manipulated in post-production.