Ben Trexel's Drum Beats for Guitarists and Bassists™

After teaching guitar for over 2 decades, it became apparent to me that so many guitarists and bassists get frustrated or stunted in their development because of the inability to play in rhythm with repetition.  To make things easier, I have created a compilation of one minute long drum beats in different styles and tempos for guitarists and bassists to play along with.  Aspiring musicians will find that using these beats will make practice more fun and prepare them for playing in a band with a drummer.  Download the collection for $3.99!

Other Titles From Guitarist/Producer/Bassist Ben Trexel

The debut CD from Southern Americana Groove Rock band Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees™.  Ben Trexel is the bassist and co-producer for the band.

The debut CD from Space of a Day.  Produced and co-written by Ben Trexel

The debut album from soulful blues rock singer Amacio Favor, co-written and produced by Ben Trexel

The third instrumental guitar album from Ben Trexel, released in 2004